An App on a protected device, this App runs in the background and consumes very little resource on the device. The App is able to identify other Apps installed on the device and reference these to a database of all Apps currently and previously available.

Using intelligent analysis of these Apps, Trident is able to identify Apps that may be potentially malicious as well as those that are actually malicious. Trident is also able to detect Jail Breaks and over provisioned Admin Privileged Apps and this is used to protect the integrity of the operating system on protected devices.

In addition to this, Trident provides Phishing and Content Protection by monitoring URL’s and matching these against known phishing sites.

Trident identifies incorrectly formatted URL structures to prevent Phishing or Smishing attacks.

Content Protection is provided to protect from both websites serving malicious content & also Apps that may attempt to deliver malicious content and blocking this whilst still allowing the App to function.