Today, businesses networks are hyper connected. Every connection point is a potential liability which could be breached at any moment and open the door to theft, ransomware and digital terrorism.

Trident Network Monitoring creates an additional line of defence that shines the light on nefarious activity and network weaknesses so that business continues to flourish but an authorised digital connections are shutdown.

Trident Monitor is a centralised system that can provide an enterprise class framework for collecting, storing, and investigating network security data.

It is a network monitoring system that collects logs; from a wide range of log sources, that are processed and stored by an analytics engine.

Searches against the data are present in a web visualisation tool that greatly enhances the system and security decision making process. The legible business intelligence provided assist in securing IT environments.

The logs can be collected from numerous sources including dedicated appliances or software applications. The analysts can produce clear web visualisations from the data by querying the analytic database.