A threat monitoring and detection service that identifies malicious activity on your network and notifies you of potential vulnerabilities in real time.

Network Monitoring

Hundreds of new attack variants are released every minute. Real-time network monitoring and response
provides the early warning and action system you need to stop threats from paralyzing your network.


Network Monitoring.

 A dedicated security service that continually monitors the network to detect:


Intrusion Attempts


Unusual Events or Trends

Unauthorized Apps

Suspicious User Activity

Technical Details

24/7/365 Service

You won’t receive an alert and be left to fend for yourself, a dedicated team will help you resolve the issue!

Activity and Security Analysis

True network vigilance will give you more than just an inventory of connected assets. Our system looks at what is happening internally AND externally to give you maximum protection.

Easy Deployment

Intuitive and easy to setup on any PC or server. Trident can also be configured to receive logs from alternative locations such as Office 365.

Intrusion Detection

Brute force attempts to break into a host are common, but many monitoring services note it in logs and never do anything to resolve it. Our tools monitor in real time and our team will help you make the changes needed to keep your network safe.

Tailored Dashboards

Scalable and flexible dashboards you can customize to your needs with easy-to-understand visuals.

Regulatory Compliance Alerting (RCA)

Mapped to work with frameworks including PCI DSS, GDPR, NIST, HIPAA and Cyber Essentials which are key capabilities needed to comply with legal or regulatory requirements